4 Jobs In A Year

What is normal?

Never had I thought that I would change permanent jobs more than once in any year. Not because that is wrong, it just had never occurred to me that it would be possible and normal for me. However, after it happened to me three times in 2020, I can certainly admit it is possible, and I realised that I do not know much about normality. If I think back, it feels completely normal to me.

Canada, September 2019

I aim to share what I experienced through these job changes. I hope this might encourage people to think beyond their norms.


The company went through organisational restructuring, and there were many people changes. I felt personally impacted by those changes, and I was not fully bought into it. Following the changes, I was not able to help people in the way I would have liked.

During this time, I started being open to new roles, and I took the opportunity to try something different at another company. It felt the next right step to do. After that, I started doing my handover, and I was prepared to take a break between jobs. As a result, I was determined to explore a new direction.


I welcomed spring as a chance to start a new lifestyle and was excited to join a new culture and a team of like-minded people. Then the pandemic hit the world harder, and everything went virtual. So does the onboarding. Therefore, I hoped that everything would work out in the end. Furthermore, I enjoyed the vibrant community, the new challenges and the new learning. All in all, it was promising.

Due to some unfortunate business challenges, it became apparent that many of us need to find another job. Since this time it was not my decision, I did not want the change. I wished I could have stayed to explore how it could have been. Through the ups and downs of the job search, we supported each other in a huge bubble.


Summer came with an offer, which introduced me to a big organisation with its own legacy system and history. I was a small drop in the ocean. It was fairly different from all the other companies that I had ever worked for.

I appreciated that every initiative could spark multiple people’s extended collaboration all over the different business areas. I noticed though that I longed for a faster environment. Not much later, there was an opportunity to be able to work for a start-up, which triggered my curiosity.


Something very refreshing happened, I found true excitement. I really embraced it after I was ready to leave the known for the unknown. Firstly, I enjoyed virtually meeting new people and new challenges. Secondly, I loved that every day is different. Thirdly, I met truly inspiring people who otherwise I would not have met.

What now?

These experiences helped me to see positions, roles and opportunities differently. It allows me to be more observant. Besides, I learnt it is not worth worrying about anything, which is outside of my control. In contrast, I can focus on the present moment more. Also, I am working on having smaller achievable goals (it is hard!) rather than pushing myself towards large objectives.

If I feel I need some adjustment in what I do or where I am, I will do it without any bad conscience.

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