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There has been a recent article I came across, which highlighted the importance of Social Networks in organisations. This made me realise how crucial networking is when things around us are in constant change. What we do and where we are might change, but human connections and relationships can stay with us if they are nurtured well.

Circle of control

I see a relationship between building resilience and having a good support system around us. The unpredictable future does not bother us as long as we can be part of communities and circles. When something unexpected happens with someone from the group, we can act like one, take care and push the balance back in place. Usually, there is uncertainty in life, and it is good to rely on things, which are within our control. If we look at the circles of control, influence and concern, we can easily identify what we can do for ourselves. Moreover, it is a great exercise to go through when things are getting difficult to handle.

Harvesting relationships

I have been thinking through some categories below, which might exemplify what channels help to build relationships. This could have been an exhaustive list, as there are many more. Instead, the goal is to inspire to think through your version.

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Mental health & health
  • Communities of practice & interest
Love, Mental Health, Health, Passion and Community of Practice

Shared experiences make us connected. This can be through exercising with colleagues, meetups, common channels, random phone calls, funny videos. In time there is a habit of these activities and it creates a bond between people. Consequently, the bond can become even stronger if people are going through some common difficulty to find resolution or relief.

What is our part?

We all play our part when we reach out to each other by sharing joy, sorrow, or just care. Hence, all of our relationships constructs little or bigger systems. It is exciting to see two far ends joining together in our web of connections to create something new. Like when you bring two of your friends together who do not know each other, but they share a common purpose.

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