Self-caring is caring

Leading is not managing

Originally I wanted to write about how leading is not managing. Even though there is much written about non-hierarchical, boss-less, or self-managing organisations, hierarchies are quite common.

Why self-care?

Instead, I decided to write about why it is important for me to focus on self-care, and why I admire people doing that. I created a hypothesis that self-care is conscious and planned until it becomes a habit. Thereby, I am learning how to turn self-care into a habit.

It proves to be difficult as the everyday routine is achievement-oriented. It means that I have completed a task or reached a goal. Moreover, most of these are my expectations as well.

I realised part of self-care is that I know my weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, it is easier to notice how I am and adapt my days around it. When I am not listening, I pay the price. I often know what the impact will be if I do not take holidays, for example.

Little bits of my self-care

What I do for self-care depends on the day. I am learning to use it more as a tool of prevention. Therefore, I act when I can by:

  • Sleeping longer even if it is just five minutes.
  • Going for a walk no matter how the weather looks like.
  • Reading for pure entertainment.
  • Spending time with family and friends when we share stories and giggle along.
  • Not taking myself too seriously and watching something mind-boggling.
  • Exercising in a way that suits me. I do not want to be able to run the marathon but I want to feel fit.
  • Talking to people to get inspired.

Knowing yourself

In summary, I appreciate people who take care of themselves more than I did before. I have heard the phrase leadership with self-care before, and I see a few people who are practising it. It means to me that I take care of myself at least as much as I would like anyone else to do it. Furthermore, there are multiple studies on how encyclopaedic knowledge will become ever so irrelevant to succeed in life. Knowing ourselves, however, becomes more prominent. Start your introduction to yourself today.


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