Passion is passion

I have found myself saying work is work, and I do not mean it pejoratively. It is important to name things as they are. Some work gives me more pleasure than other, and the key is to find something, which keeps me passionate about it, and if I cannot do that, that is a sign to find the reasons why.

For instance, I am unable to enjoy very procedural work, even though I wrote hundreds of procedures by myself. There is an obvious maintenance cost to them as well: once you write it, you need to make sure that they are up-to-date. Sounds fun? Not for me. Instead, what I enjoyed much more to share this knowledge with others, not just necessarily with teammates but across departments. I started spreading my knowledge, which then turned into mentoring other people to do the same. This made me passionate about it as I enjoyed building the relationship.

It is not surprising that it will be always interesting to find the essence of how to engage people at work. A very lighthearted read on this subject to mention is the book titled Build it. The top contributing factor to the success of employee engagement is passion, which is followed by creativity, commitment and loyalty. The book puts emphasis on how courage and the people-centric approach are what you need to turn a good business into a category leader whether it is a start-up or a global corporation.

Passion can be anywhere, but can anyone develop passion at work? I do not know, as it might depend on how much it is necessary for you. I had several attempted failures to find work-related passion in the past. I was not passionate about working for those companies, but I valued people there so I tried to tickle my inner passion with other things, usually outside work.

My thinking has evolved around this since then. Although not under all circumstances, but, even if the job does not give any joy to me, I can still find something in it, which builds passion for me. That is my decision though, I value passion but not everyone does, and I also understand now that I cannot have that expectation from others. Hopefully passion is contagious in the right environment.

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