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On the move

I started writing this post on a train while having looked out of the window to give my eyes a rest. I thought about the continuous loops of starting and restarting motivating myself. What I realised was that I enjoy being on the move. It is similar to how the train heads from A to B. I have already started moving towards my goal, but I have not reached it.


As far as I can remember I avoided uncertainty when I could. However, I wanted more unpredictability. What helped me was visualisation. Once I had a vision in my head, I started moving in that direction little by little. Whenever I needed a reminder, I went back to that picture in my head or on my wall. Sometimes that vision required some small changes like breaking my morning routine to allow time for a walk or a run. Other times it needed more readjustment like moving to a new location to get closer to nature.

I could happily fall back into my comfort zone if I was not careful. I noticed that I normally walk faster on the way back after I explored the route. Every time something unfamiliar appears, it is challenging at first. Once I start breaking it down, it gets easier and faster. The more I come out of my comfort zone the less it seems a random and unexpected behaviour to my system. So being uncomfortable becomes comfortable.


If you are in your comfort zone but want more unpredictability, try to break your normal routine bit by bit. Introducing new unfamiliar things will be hard. The only way you can find out how much you enjoy something that you are just thinking of if you start experiencing, learning and practising it. One of your best supporters is you, you know well what is going in your mind, what is good for you, and what challenges you. You know yourself more than you realise. Others most often guess and assume.

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