Embracing changes

I have been thinking of writing my first post here about why I stopped writing for fun ages ago. However, when I have very recently left my job to pursue another opportunity, I have forgotten to save that draft down so it has vanished from the computer drive and from my memory too. I have realised it is okay that it is gone, things have changed since I got that idea.

Almost without exception every two-three years so far I have made some changes: I started studying something very different, I relocated, I changed apartments, I changed jobs, and I changed career. Probably the list is even longer. I can see the pattern, and I have never had any regrets regardless of whether the decision was great. At this point of time, I have no certainty over where and what I am going to do in 5 years time and I do not feel that I have to know. Change is part of my life.

I have always had a relatively strong image in my head of who I am, I have never had questions about my core identity, which shapes my relationships. My behaviours and attitudes changed though as the world changed around me. It is insightful how I see same situations now and then with different level of experience but with the exact same thoughts back in my mind: I do not behave the same way but I represent who I am and what I value in life and relationships.

The spring of 2020 is bringing a job change for me, which I am very excited about. If I date it back, I think the idea of the change was there in November 2019 when I took that picture below walking in the park where I spent most of my childhood. Embracing change comes with practice, and I do not think that changes are straightforward, but they get much easier after going through them again and again. Some changes might not be flattering, but it gives all the learning for the next one. It also helps to ease how you think about transformation even if there is some difficult time ahead as things can and will change.

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